A New Dark Age

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 5

Episode 5: "There Never Seems to Be Enough Time"


The shadows grow about sleepy, rainy Monterey. Vito “The Butcher” Alonso arrived, calling on some debts left unpaid back in San Francisco by one Chester Arthur.


But a sneaky, bar stool leg attack by the small but salty Margarita Cruz sent one of the dockside thugs reeling. Chester escaped into the rain shrouded streets of the canneries and nearby Japan-town.



Meanwhile at the boarding house of Abby Harper, she rushed to the terrified cries of her young son Charles only to find Arman Alabaster face down on her bed his neck and back covered in kelp and disgusting, crawling sea lice and crabs. Also his shirt was soiled with a foul inky black stain.


Charles was found to be unharmed but acting even more strangely than his usual oddness. Also the strange infant left in Abby’s keeping was gone.

As ominous forms could be seen gathering outside her house Abby place a cross on the door leading to her garden and sought to create a sleeping drought for her strangely behaving son, who continued whispering things like “our family will be back together soon mama…father told me so.”

Magarita rushed back to the house and immediately began to investigate the shadowy figures seen creeping about. She then learned that Arman was here in Monterey to discover more about the strange sound recordings he had received from one Dr. Dexter Rickicks. The “Doc” was a recluse man living in cannery town that collected unusual specimens from the local fisherman. Alabaster believed he had come to a bad end.

He also related the impending danger he felt the town was in. Severe weather, floods, storms and mysterious disappearances seemed to be connected somehow to the bizarre sounds recorded in the past few years at locations around the world.




There was clearly something terrible going on in the world and he believed it had come to Monterey.

Finally, two of the “Marisco’s Brothers” gang arrived at the house demanding to know the whereabouts of Chester. It was gonna get rough…


A scuffle ensued wherein Margarita Cruz leveled one of the brothers with a swift, well placed kick between the legs. The other brother after being struck a glancing blow by an outraged Abbey Harper went to belt her only to find his hand shattered and broken. While the young drugged, snoozing Charles awoke with a leering grin and vacant stare almost as if on some horrible, private joke.


The Marisco’s stumbled out of the house promising retribution from “The Butcher” followed by one of their agonized screams out on the street. A shadowy figure had apparently ripped off one of the roughs arms and drug his still screaming form into the darkening, rainy afternoon.

It was at this point that Charles was seen to be scratching a symbol or design into the table and he spoke of his father telling him of a “secret” left for him in the painting. A painting of both sides of his father’s family the Harpers and the Pesces. Mother Pesces image had always tormented Abby and she often wanted to get rid of it but her in-laws would always inquire about its location if not on the dining room wall.


Under this painting had been concealed some sort of map.


Which she attempted to hide. The police were brought in by the camera man George to investigate the shadowy figures gathering outside the house.


Officer William Hansen went out around the property while Officer Franco Meretti went to investigate the broken window in Abbey’s room. Shot’s were fired followed by a terrible scream.

Margarita ran to the phonographist’s room only to find him and most of his belongings to be gone. George was yanked out an open window by a powerful, heavy hand.


And the young ex-reporter Cruz was tucked away in a shelf near the ceiling as the door to the room was jostled.



Return to the docks and see if he can see the child again. He will not approach the child, if seen, but rather observe from a distance and/or inquire of others as to the child’s providence. If the child is not seen he will ask various locals, making such excuses as wishing to return a borrowed or lost item/favor, as to the child’s name/parents/whereabouts/home/habits. Failing that he will seek out the library and go thru any recent local photographs/newspapers for any clues regarding the child.

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 5
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