A New Dark Age

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 4

Episode 4: Where You Gonna Run To Now?

Where You Gonna Go ?


Things couldn’t get much worse…oh wait now there’s a shadowy figure in the once locked engine room that has apparently beat down the giant of man Abe Raske and is now aiming a double barreled shot gun at your face..

Strange things have been seen leaping, crawling, staggering across the outer storm tossed deck of the Robert Olmstead. And whats with the bronze plaque with Havfrue 1910 and the inscription below:

La dem tilbyr også ofringer av Takk, og fortelle om hans gjerninger med gledesfylt sang. De som går ned til sjøen i skip, som driver virksomhet på store vann, De har sett Herrens gjerninger og hans underverker på dypet. 107:23

Is Abe starting to come to ? Is Elaine seeing things ? Is the monster hunter going to come out of his bunk ? Is Schmuel Shapiro going to collapse ? What’s the cop Stephen going to do now that he’s got his pack of supplies ? Does the pilot have what it takes to get into the wheelhouse and get the radio working ? Why didn’t Cara Alagrea just stay in the library ?!?

Lets all find out together!


Given that I don’t believe I’m currently the one with a shotgun in his face, and I am probably still working my way to the wheelhouse, what obstacles stand between me and the radio?

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 4

“Currently NOT the one” I meant to say ^^

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 4
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