3. Duncan Crowther

Charter Pilot, Sea Plane for Hire.


Duncan Crowther, 25: Mother from New South Wales, Australia; Father from Glagow, Scotland. Duncan grew up in Australia and did half a degree in computer science before realizing ‘everyone has a degree in computer science’. He ended up getting a commercial pilots licence instead and invested, with a friend, in maintaining an old ‘flying boat’ for chartered flights in and around the Pacific rim. Their business has taken them from Stewart Island in the South West up as far as British Columbia in the far North East. He’s never knowingly flown any illegal charters and the old rust bucket is starting to fall apart faster than he can mend it. He needs cash, fast – plus there’s the business were it appears his great grandfather (on his mothers side) might not have actually been his great grandfather, someone called Boris? and an old tatty photograph . . .


3. Duncan Crowther

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