A New Dark Age

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 1

Episode 1 "Look's Like Nothings Gonna Come My Way"


“I’ve got nothin’ to live for…”


“Look’s like nothings gonna come my way.”

The rain that has been lightly falling all night has begun to increase as a breeze begins to buffet the streets and rooftops of sleepy Monterey. Tall masts can be seen of a recently arrived vessel tied to the central dock in the bay. Horse drawn carts and the few cars rumble their way down gravelly/mud filled streets. The electricity is on…for now. Its recent arrival still not trusted by most of the older residents who keep kerosene lanterns close at hand. In the distance can be heard the clanging buoy bells but they are certainly shrouded by the early morning fog rolling in from across the Pacific Ocean. Far off the the lonely whistle of the southbound 8 o’ clock train coming in from San Francisco echoes through the still rather empty lanes.

You each awake with the thoughts of the last few days rattling around in your heads…

(Player secrets will be included for the various characters…If you choose to respond, DON’T do it in the comments section as ALL get to see that. You should be able to click on the EDIT tab in the main post itself to add to it…just try not to delete my AMMMMAZZZING writing…:D thanks for playing!)


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