7. Shmuel Shapiro

Mixed martial arts fighter, ex-rabbi.


Shmuel Shapiro, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, 30. Shmuel is from a long line of Rabbi’s. In fact, he was a rabbi until 2005. After many years of training at his local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, he decided to forsake his leadership responsibilities and pursue a career in mixed martial arts. He is still fighting in small shows all over California, hoping to break into the UFC someday. His prized possession is a Star of David that had been passed down through the generations of Shapiro Rabbis. Though, since leaving his position as a Rabbi, he has had strange dreams. Some are nonsense, but others are quite graphic. He dreams of losing in fights constantly, of synagogues burning to the ground, and other depressing images. The guilt he feels is overwhelming. Maybe the bottom of a bottle of whisky will do the trick. . . .


7. Shmuel Shapiro

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