2. Boris Edgestone

Drug Fiend, World Traveling Vagabond, Prodigal Son.


Boris Edgestone,33: Edwardian Era social disgrace. Family wealthy mill owners from Lancashire, the Pendle Hill (as in Pendle Witches) border towns. Attended Rugby, for several brutal years, as a border and finished a BA in literary studies at Cambridge. 10 years ago sent on ‘The Grand Tour’ by his affluent parents only to end up a hopeless drug fiend with a predilection for drinking absinth, smoking the poppy and injecting the 7% solution. His fall from grace has prevented him from returning to his home isle and he receives just enough of a stipend from his family to ensure he stays away. He has since lead the life of modestly well to do travelling vagabond, frequently signing onto various merchant navy vessels to afford him a small degree of global mobility (having ‘lost’ his place in the world he seeks somewhere to call ‘home’). He has seen unusual things and met many strange people, the problem is where do drug induced waking dreams end and reality begin?


2. Boris Edgestone

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