0a. Abby Harper

Pharmacist/Apothecary owner, runs a boarding house

Widow and mother of a young boy (Samuel) who owns and runs an apothecary/pharmacy that used to belong to her late husband. Her husband (Walter) died young, but most think it a blessing because he was not a kind man, and his young wife was often seen sporting bruises. She is a nice and compassionate woman who does her best to care for the sick and injured people of the town. Her knowledge of various herbs and drugs often comes in handy when helping those who cannot afford to go to the extremely pricey town doctors.

Abby also owns a boarding house in which Chester, Armin and Daniel are staying. An older woman named Mrs. Felps also lives there. She takes care of the domestic side of running the boarding house and watches Samuel while Abby runs her business.


0a. Abby Harper

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