A New Dark Age

Act I And With Strange Aeons Finale

Episode 6: "There Never Seems to Be Enough Time" Part II


The storm continued to increase about Monterey as the night drew on. Margarita was hidden in Arman’s room when a shadowy figure burst in and snatched the painting dashing by a recently arriving Rusty Jim. The young reporter was frozen with terror and could not bring herself to act.


Chester Howard rejoined the group at the boarding house only to be told by a very strangely acting young Charles that a letter had arrived from him. And that a “father had many responsibilities”

The director Johannes had seen strange images on the second of the “Hobo” films and believed that if he could capture more images of this “being” he could become very, very rich.


The group decided after learning from Rusty that the Hotel del Monte had seen many strange things going on about its grounds, to investigate it. These strange occurences Included numerous young women entering and never seen to leave again.



Before going there they thought it best to inquire with Doc Ricketts about what might have happened in the town. But arriving there they found the place a shambles and obvious signs of foul play. This all culminated with a lumbering figure emerging from the sea and leaping and clambering silhouettes were seen to swarm across the merchant ship Mariah as it suddenly burst into smoke and fire.


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