A New Dark Age

Act I And With Strange Aeons Ep. 2

Episode 2: Somewhere Beyond the Sea


Episode 1 Recap:

The unexpected arrival of the Mariah. The antics of the film director Johannes Geldmann. The young widow Abbey Harper faints. Her son is acting strangely. Margarita works on her acting chops and discovers that her father the sea captain, Octavio Cruz is now very sick.


The gang meets Boris Edgestone fresh off the boat and in need of a fix. The phonographist stays locked up in his room playing his strange recordings. The morning train brings new arrivals to Monterey. A distraught young woman “falls” into the sea from the edge of the pier. Upon investigation the group sees only an ever increasing pool of blood.

Episode 2 Character Connection Questions:

(don’t feel compelled to answer these right now we will go over them at the start of the game…)

Elaine Thomas:

1. What charming thing did Grant Goodwin “the monster hunter” do in Ensenada that made you reconsider your opinion of him ?

2. What was the traumatic early childhood event that has made you and Cara Alagrea life long friends ?

3. Why is Duncan Crowther the pilot the most interesting of the passengers you’ve met ?

Cara Alagrea:

1. Why did you promise Duncan Crowther the pilot a “special dinner” when you were in Ensenada ?

2. What did Elaine do that made you doubt her sanity a bit ?

3. Who do you think knows what your up to and why ?

Duncan Crowther:

1. The american genealogist Elaine Thomas revealed something to you in Ensenada. What was it ?

2. Why does the monster hunter Grant Goodwin have a long history of trusting you ?

3. What did Elaine Thomas tell you she had in her water tight Pelican case that seemed to never leave her side ?

Grant Goodwin:

1. What did Cara Alagrea the PhD student say to you that made you realize she knows your full of shit?

2. Why did you buy everyone all that tequila in Ensenada ?

3. How did the pilot Duncan Crowther save your life fifteen years ago ?


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